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Lee Jaram Pansori Performance in Seoul

August 23, 2011

Pansori prodigy Lee Jaram will be performing at Olympic Park’s Lake Waterside Stage on Friday, September 16th.

Jaram is widely considered to be one of the greatest performers in the country today.

While still enrolled at a gugak (Korean traditional music) high school, she learned and mastered “Shimcheung-ga,” one of the five remaining original pansori songs, in just four hours.

Two years later, at age 19, she set a Guinness World Record as the youngest singer to master the longest pansori song, “Chungyang-ga,” in eight hours.

After graduating from Seoul National University with a master’s in Korean Traditional Music, she started performing with the musical group Taru where she was able to compose her own songs.

Pansori is a form of traditional Korean music that combines storytelling with percussive music. The term is derived from ‘pan,’ meaning a place where people gather, and ‘sori,’ meaning sound.

The performance starts at 8pm. Tickets are 55,000 KRW and can be purchased through Interpark either by phone (1544-1555) or online (


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  1. August 23, 2011 11:10

    For anyone wanting to get a sample of Lee Jaram’s skills, watch this TEDx Seoul video from the 11:00 mark. She sings two songs. If you understand Korean, watch the whole thing!

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